3 diet to Lose weight easy and fast
3 diet to Lose weight easy and fast

3 Surprising Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Nowadays, there is a huge problem of obesity in the world that people are facing. Therefore, to lose weight fast there are various ways and diet plans that doctors suggests to follow.
Undoubtedly, There are many benefits of following those recommended diet plans. But on the other hand, they also consist of some negative sides.

If you are the person who also wants to lose your fat then this article is all for you.
Before going to follow any kind of diet plans. There are few advises which are very important to keep in mind. Nowadays, Keto, Gluten free, Vegan, General motors (GM), Polio Diet are in trend. Intermediate Fasting which actually means not to eat anything through out the entire day. This Intermediate fasting is also very famous among today’s youth.

Food for lose weight

But again, while choosing and opting any diet for yourself there are few points to remember. Because all the diet or foods depends on the physical, mental, like or dislikes of the particular person.

People tries many different ways to decrease weight, to gain weight, to control cholesterol or to stay away from any kind of food allergy. They go through many different types of food and gives them the first priorities. Because they think that this actually works.

It maybe any type of diet. But the only thing you have to give a major concern is that the particular diet should give the proper and the required nutrition. The diet should gives proper amount of energy that is required by the body to stay healthy and fit.

Although, due to the pandemic of corona virus and due to lock-down many people and students are at their home.
And Hence, they are having much time that they can give to their own health and utilize their time.


There are many diet which are very famous.

  • Ketogenic Diet
  • General motors Diet (GM Diet)
  • Gluten free Diet
  • Vegan Diet
  • Plant based Diet
  • Polio Diet
  • Intermediate fasting

“Ketogenic Diet, GM Diet and Vegan Diet is in trend that helps to lose weight”

— Dr Shalini Gorwin

In this article we are going to discuss all three of them told by Dr. Shalini

1. Ketogenic Diet

This diet consists of low carbs but high fat and protein which is very helpful in decreasing the body weight.
Thus, low in calories along with sufficient amount of energy.
Although it involves all essential nutrients involving protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other.
But carbohydrates are not much the part of this diet.

Chocolate, coconut, coffee, tea (unsweetened), protein shakes, avocados, eggs, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, cream, cheese, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, kale, almonds are some foods that can be consumed on keto diet.
However, Non-veg is very effective in this type of diet. As they contain complete protein and proper amount of fat that is required for body.

Many studies says that keto diet is really very effective diet in losing weight and improving health.

Moreover, it benefits in diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s diseases. Because it actually involves reducing Carbs intake and adding fat.
The reduction of carbohydrates in the diet helps putting the body into the metabolic state called Ketosis. This makes the body to convert the fat to ketones in the liver, that supply energy to brain (S D Phinney, 1983).
Because it has the efficiency at burning fat for energy. As well as makes the massive reduction in blood sugar level and insulin.

To sum up, means to say that increased ketones has various health benefits ( Eric Westman et al, 2003).

2. GM Diet

GM Diet, which is also known as General Motors Diet. It says to benefits in losing about 15 pounds ( 6.5 Kg) in a week.
In this type of diet, different food or different food groups are consumed on each different day.

Let’s see some pros and cons of GM Diet. Also Do this diet if followed actually works?
Undoubtedly, this diet is the fastest diet that burns fat and lose weight.

GM goes with 7 day diet plan with strict rules about what food is to consume?

For instance, On the very first day you may be recommended to eat only fruits while on the fifth day you need to eat several of large portions of meat and proteins.

Pros of GM Diet

If we see the pros of GM diet are as follows:

  • Ride of impurities
  • Better digestion
  • Burns fat
  • Helps in detoxification

This diet actually is low in calories and high in fiber and other food. For instance, Fruits, Vegetables and non veg etc high in fiber and in water content.
It helps burn fat as you consume less calories than you burn throughout the day.
Foods that are high in water content and fiber are recommended because they make them fell fuller. Hence, claim fat loss and detoxification.
Also consumption of fruits and vegetable rises immunity level.

GM Diet looks something like this:
Sample of GM diet

  • 1st DAY- Only fruits (like watermelon or muskmelon) except bananas
  • 2nd DAY- only vegetables raw or cooked except potatoes
  • 3rd DAY- Only fruits and vegetable except potatoes and bananas
  • 4th DAY- Bananas(6 large size or 8 small) and milk( 3 glasses)
  • 5th DAY- Eat two 10 ounce portion of beef, chicken or fish
    for vegetarians- brown rice or cottage cheese, increase water intake by 2 glasses to flush extra uric acid
  • 6th DAY- Eat only two 10 ounce portion of beef chicken or fish
    unlimited amount of vegetables but no potatoes
    for vegetarian- brown rice or cottage cheese and increase water intake.
  • 7th DAY- Only brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables.

Beans are not at all allowed in this diet. Because high calories may gain weight.
But we can add on substitute like cottage cheese can be replaced by meat or soy milk can be replaced by regular milk.
Coffee or green tea are allowed but without sugar.

After 7 day of diet plan. You can consume high protein and low carb diet to maintained the weight loosed.

Cons of GM Diet

As this has many advantage like losing weight in just 7 days but on the other hand, it also have some cons.

  • No strong research
  • No back up
  • Lack of important nutrients
  • Not well balance
  • May cause feeling of deprivation or hunger on some days
  • Low amount of protein
  • Temporary weight loss.

Hence, to get long term weight loss, you need to pair with the balanced and healthy diet with regular physical activities.
Although, GM Diet is one of the very effective diet plan which is nowadays opted by youngster to lose weight.

3. Vegan Diet

Basically, people on vegan diet completely avoid all animal products whether it maybe egg, meat or dairy. Some people also avoid honey.
Although, there many reasons of choosing vegan diet. One of them is weight loss. Plus point is of this diet is that it is very environmental sustainable.

Vegan diet helps in having lower body mass index (BMI). This diet tends to include a lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds. Eating these provides all required nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Healthy fats, and Protein. People who follows this diet are found to loss weight so fast (Charis R Davidson, 2014).

Vegan food to loss weight
Vegan food

Studies says that vegan diet lose weight on an average of 2.5 kg more than those of animal food included diet (Turnbull T, 2018). People following this diet gets all nutrients that a person needs and also this diet can eliminate some risky chronic diseases.

Hence, Vegan diet looks very beneficial at helping decreasing the calories which result in weight loss. the diet found to be very effective as it is cleared by many studies.


All the above diet that are discussed above, have their own rules and restrictions but it does not means that people can stop doing any physical activities. No matters what are you eating during your diet but being physically active will makes you lose weight faster.

People who wish to adopt diet for weight loss should be very concerns that they must get all the required nutrients in that particular diet. Whether it maybe keto diet, GM diet or it is Vegan diet.
There are some foods that you can also add into your diet because they helps a lot in losing weight. for example mushrooms, broccoli, morinaga, bajra, fruits like apple, kiwi etc.

Last but not the least before going forward to opt any kind of diet for yourself must concern you doctor or nutritionist. Because you health is your life. And every diet do not go with every individual. So, do not except any individual without visiting or consulting your doctors.


There is no single food that can provide all the required calories and nutrients for healthy body.
Therefore, a balanced diet is very important. correct portion size and an ideal time to eat is necessary to know. So to decrease weight, you need to be very clear and concern about your diet and food intake.

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