Superfoods that keeps immune system healthy


Nowadays, each and every person should have their immunity level so strong to fight from any disease. Whether it may be corona virus or any other chronic diseases. Therefore, many superfoods which are really good to boost immunity have been discussed below. Strong immunity can be the key to be fit and fine. Because stronger the immune system, stronger will be you. Your body will automatically fight from any kind of disease without any medications. As your are always exposed to virus, bacteria or germs that are trying to invade and attack your body. Thus, with the healthy immune system your body will automatically fight from those bacteria and virus if they enter to the body. Because immune system act as a personal military to fight back from the foreign invaders that can give a bad effect to the body.

Along with superfoods some tips are also mentioned below that are important to keep in mind to increase immunity.

Let’s discuss those Superfoods to Boost Immunity.

To build the immune system strong you must take fruits, vegetables, probiotics, water etc in an adequate amount. Firstly, the food which are good for immunity will be discussed after that some tips are also mentioned in the last that are also important to keep in concern.

Fruits that boost immunity:

For instance, there are various fruits that boost immunity. some of them are as follows:

1. Citrus Fruits:

These types of fruits are the excellent source of Vitamin- C. Not only Vitamin-C but they also contain various other nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin-A, and Folate. In fact, Citrus Fruits provide a natural balance and combination of vitamins, minerals and acids along with phytochemicals like polyphenols and various other components. These nutrients strengthen the immune system. Due to high Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid). It has great antioxidant properties ( Schagen S.K et al, 2012).

These vitamins and minerals are water soluble and also not synthesized by the human body.
Therefore, adequate dietary intake of Vitamin-C is very important for good health. Vitamin C increases the production of WBCs, which fight from infections. (Rampersaud G.C et al, 2015).

Let’s choose the favorite fruit among the following:

grapes superfood to boost immunity

Whether it is Green, Red or Black grapes, Grapes boost immunity. These are packed with a lot of nutrients like Vitamin-C and K. They have powerful antioxidants which are necessary for connective tissue health and also remain after fermentation. ( Li.Y, 2007).
Also, Help fighting chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer and Heart related diseases.(Lolita Kursvietiene et al Medicina, 2016).

oranges a super food to boost immuntiy

Does orange support immune system? Yes, Orange also supports the immune system by providing a variety of vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients.
Vitamin-D regulates the immune system of an individual. However, Immune cells fight off bacteria and viruses that get into the body.

Clementines a superfood to boost immuntiy

These are the tiny fruits, bright oranges, easy to peel, sweeter than most other citrus fruits and are also seedless. These are high in water content and one small fruit provides 40% of your daily recommended requirement. They also improves skin related problems (Anitra C et al, 2017).

Le,on a super food to boost immunity

A Fruit that is sour in taste and mostly used to add flavor to the food but used in less amount.
Undoubtedly, it is rich in Vitamin C which helps to remove free radical that damages cells of the body. Citrus Fruits helps lowering stroke risk. ( C.Aldin et al, 2012). Also lowers the Blood Pressure and keep it under control.


Apple a superfood to boost immunity

An Apple is enrich with natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It can build up the stronger immunity. Because, it contains all those essentials minerals which are important to improve resistance against virus attacks and other diseases.
Apples are also good for digestion because it contain soluble fiber like pectin.
Those fibers helps in detoxification.
Apple cider vinegar is also found to be beneficial for immunity.

An Apple a day keeps Doctors away.

The famous quotation , we all grew up by hearing this. but, what exactly is it true? so the answer comes yes. Intake of one apple a day keeps you fit and healthy and of course will keeps you away from doctors.
PAPAYA Asuperfood to boost immunity

Again, It have all vital vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it is known that extracts from the leaves of papaya are used for making medicines.
Apart form this, papaya leaves are also used in the treatment of dengue fever to increase platelets count.

kiwi for boosting immunity

Same as papayas, kiwi is also loaded with essential nutrients including folate, potassium, Vitamin-K and Vitamin- C.
Vitamin-C help WBCs to fight back from infections that give a boost to immune system as well.

pineapple boost immunity

Consumption of pineapple is associated with reduce risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseased and cancer.
Because pineapple contain antioxidants named as flavonoids that protect cells from free radicals and also improves cell function.


1 cup of pineapple contains 131% of suggested daily intake that fight off pathogens.
muskmelom for boosting immunity

These are considered to be the powerhouse of the health

It is also a good source of Vitamin C and fiber strengthen the immune system as well helps in good digestion and also prevent premature ageing of cells.

Watermelon for immune system

As its name says watermelon, So, Yes, Watermelon is high in water content, about 92% of water which keeps body hydrated. And also consist of fiber and Vitamin C which makes watermelons are superfoods to boost immunity. It is also beneficial as it promotes healthy collagen growth.


As per RDA suggested by ICMR , mg 1 cup of Muskmelon contains 57 mg of Vitamin C and 2 cups of watermelon contains 25% daily value of Vitamin C.
pumpkin a superfood to boost immunity

Although, They comes in more than 45 varieties and each and every part of pumpkin is edible whether it is pulp, seeds or peel. But Did you know? Pumpkin is a fruit not a vegetable and has vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin C which is very important for immunity power other than that is rich in vitamin A, B6, B12 and minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and calcium, which is good for bone health etc.
More importantly it is good for immune power as it keeps many chronic diseases away.


We have talked about fruits in above section, Now let’s see how vegetables helps in building the immune system. So, intake of colorful veggies are suggested because vegetables is really good for immunity.


Red bell peppers superfood to boost immunity

Did you know? They contains more Vitamin C than Citrus fruits.
Actually, red bell pepper are the ripened green bell pepper.
Also, Red bell pepper have twice of Vitamin C and approx 8 times of Vitamin A of green bell pepper which says that it is more good for making immunity stronger.
Additionally, it has about 94% of water and 5% of carbohydrates content. ( P. Basiotis etal, 2002).


As pepper RDA 100gm of bell pepper consists of 84.4 mg of vitamin C i.e., approx 92% .


Beetroot a superfood for boost immunity

Just like the name ‘Beetroot’, it has unbeatable benefits. Like, it is high in Vitamin C content and have high profile of antioxidants. It might not have an attractive appearance that maybe the reason that people ignore it without knowing the huge huge huge benefits. It is also known as the Nature’s Candy.
Although, it is low in calories but good for stronger immunity. In this way, beetroots becomes superfoods to boost immunity.


green leafy vegetable superfood to boost immunity

Go green with dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce leafs etc. because they are really very effective for stronger immune system as they contain high amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, folate. they have enough of antioxidants. Antioxidants helps in neutralizing free radical. ( Beth W. Orenstein, 2016).
Also check this Moringa or drumsticks.


broccoli a superfood to boost immunity

As per as broccoli is concern, It comes in the list of super foods.
Like, other food discussed above, broccoli is also loaded with many nutrients.
It is a green plant that comes in the category of cabbage.
Furthermore, Its high profile of nutrients says that broccoli help in absorption of iron and act as antioxidants. It also help in forming collagen and fight against cancer cell.
Broccoli are found to helpful in weight loss.
To know more about broccoli click here.


mushrooms a superfood to boost immunity

Although, Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor fruit, they actually comes under the kingdom of fungi. Hence, it is a edible fungus.
Loaded with Protein, Soluble Fiber, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Selenium.
Presence of Vitamin C helps in treating cardiovascular diseases. And also good for iron absorption.
to know more about mushrooms click here.


garlic a superfood

Mostly people do not eat garlic but they must know the benefits of it. Garlic has anti microbial properties. Vitamin C content boost immune function and collagen.
Along with this, Garlic is also good for hair growth.
Rubbing a chopped clove of garlic on the scalp can promote hair growth.
Hence, there are many uses of taking garlic in regular diet.



turmeric good for immunity

One of the best spice is turmeric which not only act antibiotic but also enrich immune system.
Nutritionally, it is the richest source of iron.
67.8 mg per 100gm of turmeric powder.
Turmeric is said to be in the categaory of superfoods to boost immunity. Everyone might have heard about Haldi Wasla dodh. It not only increases immunity but also good for joint pain, menstrual cramps and what not.


One teaspoon (3g) of turmeric powder provides 2mg of Iron – 10% of the adult daily requirements.


cinnamon boost immuntity

A delicious spice.
Cinnamon helps in stabilizing blood sugar level and reduces craving. Taking cinnamon water in night before going to bed makes the immune system healthy.
Iron is absorb with the help of Vitamin C and cinnamon has a very good content of it, that means adding cinnamon to the diet not only good for immunity but also help in iron absorption.
It has a powerful medical properties. It has been proven in various studies that cinnamon is loaded with powerful antioxidants like polyphenols. Intake or consumption of cinnamon in diet also good for patient of diabetes because it improves blood sugar level. Cinnamon bark oil or powder increase immunity.


black pepper and cloves for immunity power

Spices basically gives a very nice flavor to the food. Black pepper and cloves increases immunity.
They are high in anti-oxidants. they not only provide flavor to food but also give many more health benefits to the body.
Did you know? Who is known to be the ‘King of Spice’? Black Pepper is also called as ‘The King of Spice’.
Similarly, Clove have some distinctive taste and texture.
and also know for it anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. its is really good for dental health. The toothpastes include the extract of cloves in them for good results.
Hence, Cloves are effective to treat dental issues. So, Clove and Black pepper can be added in many dishes you prepare and can also be used in marinade of meat or salad.


cardamom for immunity

They comes under spices and have brilliant fragrance. Therefore, Any sweet feels incomplete without adding cardamons. It give extraordinary flavor to any dish.
Tea taste upgrade by itself by adding ilachi in it. Cardamom is known as ilachi in Hindi. It has a very high profile of anti-oxidants and minerals which are very good for immune system. Cardamom is good for digestion as well as it helps in detoxification of blood. Moreover, This spice have Vitamin C and other nutrients that show many other benefits to human body.
Hence, Cardamoms are the superfoods to boost immunity.


yogurt for immunity


You must know, that the probiotics are the best source for immunity boost. They are high in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Yogurt is one of the best probiotic that can be made at home as well. As, Yogurt is the fermented product of milk. Because yogurt or curd is made by fermenting milk.
Although, Yogurt may contain less amount of lactose rather than whole milk. But better suited for those people who have lactose-intolerance.
Now a days, Yogurt can also be made from coconut or almond milk.

Buttermilk for immunity


There is one more very common probiotic that you might be aware of and also can made it at home by your own. That is, Buttermilk. Actually, Buttermilk is the by product of butter making process. It is the liquid or the extract left behind after churning. When butter is left, then it come into contact with the bacteria present in air, resulting in lactose sugars in milk being converted into lactic acid.
Buttermilk is also high in anti- bacterial properties and Vitamin C. As a result, buttermilk which is a very good probiotic is very effective for immune power to give a boost. However, Buttermilk is made by adding bacteria into low fat milk. Moreover, it can be used in many other cooking method or can be consumed as a cooling or refreshing drink.
Therefore, Buttermilk and yogurt can be said to be superfoods to boost immunity.

Hence, the list of some superfoods that are important to be the part of any diet and which are helpful to boost immunity have been explained above.


1. Water:

Staying well hydrated is important to boost immunity.
Therefore, Keep water intake 2.5 to 3 L daily.
Drink lukewarm water made up of dry ginger or fresh ginger, methi seeds, funnels or coriander makes a super powerful drink to boost immunity.

2. Eating Habits:

Consume freshly cooked food made at home.
Avoid food containing preservatives like cold drinks because they impair the rising of immunity in the body.
Other then that, avoid commercial beverages and go for fresh whole fruits.

3. Sleep:

As per as, sleeping hours are concern, ensure to have proper 8 hours sleep daily.
Studies shows that about 2/3rd of us don’t get enough sleep and the consequences of this are massive which involves an increasing risk of many diseases like cancer, dermentia, heart related problems and many more.
Therefore, to reduce such problems proper hour sleep is must.
because, Sleep of 8 hours increases immunity. Students and many other working people are not able to take proper hour sleep but yes work is important but on the other hand adequate sleep is also important.
Good sleep will help you in your good work and boost your energy level.

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